Steel profiles with improved strehgth By ARMOSTEEL technology

Innovations available novadays

The steel dry-wall profile is a basis of all gypsum cardboard structure. Its quality, rigidity, strength and durability of system directly depends on quality of a profile.

The Armosteel profile is made of high-quality cold-rolled galvanized steel by a method of cold rolling with use of the patented technology. All products are certified and meet the requirements of Ukrainian and international quality standards.

Armosteel technology differs from others, more traditional ones, in that with the help of special shafts developed by leading experts, a consistent wavy pattern of the strip is formed on both sides simultaneously, forming a "double spiral". The form of a double spiral provides versatility of pattern, excluding thin or weak areas on all surface of metal.

Main advantages

of profiles manufactured using ARMOSTEEL technology

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Increased strength by 40%

The deflection of the Armosteel sheet is 40% less than the deflection of a smooth sheet under the same load

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Advanced screw connection

The strength of the resistance to pull out the fasteners in the Armosteel profile is 30% greater

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Impact resistance

The unique drawing of deep rolling of a metal sheet guarantees absence of straight lines in a pattern which are lines of a break

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Patented Technology

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Improved heat characteristics

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Sound absorption

The sound directed at the Armosteel profile is absorbed and scattered

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Convenient installation

Microlocks in the Armosteel profile provide a reliable joint and the maximum fixing. No additional mounting is required when building or assembling into a "box". Installation time is reduced by 40%

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Fire resistance

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Fair price

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Innovative corrugation technology of Steel sheet ARMOSTEEL

ARMOSTEEL – is an innovative technology of improved hardness of steel sheet with retention of material size per square unit

 Innovative technology allows to broaden the range of profiles application in steel structure elements such as channel beams, C-type and Z-type opened profiles, also in case of closed or box-shaped profile system.

 ARMOSTEEL – is a unique drawing of deep processing of steel sheet which ensures absence of zero (straight) lines in a scheme of sheet processing

 The zero lines are the actual fracture lines during deformation

Technology ARMOSTEEL: loading without bending

 The advantage of Armosteel technology on the subject of loading without bending was approved by Testing on bending according to requirements ISO 7438:1985, IDT and ISO 7438: 2005.

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 The deflection of the ARMOSTEEL metal sheet is 40% less than the deflection of the smooth metal sheet under the same load. 

 The difference increases in favor of ARMOSTEEL with increasing load.

Reliable fastening of screw-bolt in ARMOSTEEL technology

Resisting force to tearing of fastening screw-bolts when using ARMOSTEEL technology is improved up to 30%

Sound conductivity of flat steel sheet with ARMOSTEEL technology

The sound directed on ARMOSTEEL steel sheet is absorbed and dispersed
When directing the sound on the surface of the flat sheet you will get almost 100% reflection of the sound together with the resonance effect in metal.

Heat conductivity of steel sheet by ARMOSTEEL technology

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Micro locks by ARMOSTEEL technology

 Micro locks of innovative technology ARMOSTEEL provide more reliable joints and better binding between profiles.

Micro locks by ARMOSTEEL technology: Saving on fixing accessories, saving on time

 Due to better binding properties of the micro locks it is easy to assemble preliminary structure of profiles without using of any bolts, screws or other fasteners. The assembled structure can be changed as many times as required
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Innovative advantages of the Armor-channel

1. Service lines (cabels and hoses) are placed on special shelf of armor-channel (the lines do not lie on a sharp edge as in prototype profiles) and due to armor channel they are not damaged.

2. The technological aperture serves as additional support between the walls of the dry-wall profiles and makes the mounting of dry-wall curtain easier. It also increases the durability of whole structure.

3. After bending the cover armor-channel serves as additional stiffening rib and as a result the shelf of profile is not weigh down while fixing by bolt-screw.

4. On the back side of the profile there is joint gutter for more accurate fixing of the dry-wall sheet during mounting.
Sectional view from above
Sectional view from above

Optimum height of armor-channel

 The armor-channel is located on distance of 350mm from the bottom. According to European standards the switch sockets must be placed on distance of 200-300mm from the floor. Due to elaborated location of armor-channel the mounting and service lines laying becomes faster and and system can save on additional operating supply like fasteners, wires etc.
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ARMOSTEEL – patented and certified technology

 ARMOSTEEL is a patented technology. The unique knurling ARMOSTEEL was designed by the group of developers and engineers. It is also certified and protected by law as intellectual property.

 The profiles with special Armosteel technology have passed Bending/loading tests according to ISO 7438:1985, ISO 7438:2005, DT and National standards  of Ukraine.

Gypsum board profiles and accessories with ARMOSTEEL technology can be bought:

In retails network of construction hypermarkets “Epicentr”.

Wholsales available by contacting manufacturer.
Tel.: +38 (067) 219 6977



Wholsales available:
+38 (067) 219-69-77